• Akbar


    A diminutive sorcerer from the eastern lands.
  • Astrid Linus

    Astrid Linus

    A man of brash action and impulsive decisions, Astrid is a ferocious warrior who firmly believes in his own decisions.
  • Chen


    Chen is a young Syang man, rescued from slavers by the party. He suffers from amnesia, but is slowly regaining his memories.
  • Ecthelion


    No longer a dreaming silhouette, this Zhalanti now walks as a keliph, locked to the mortal realm. To experience life was his first goal; now, to save it is his destiny.
  • Freydis


    Mid-Wife turned Cleric of Lyiss, this big girl is kind and nice, but she will fucking rambo the shit out of you if you piss her off.
  • Kletemnestra


    A manipulative ex-temple whore, Klem is on a quest for power and respect in the cold lands of the north, and she'll use every trick she can turn to get it.
  • Nedhogg


    A large, quiet, gay man whose humble beginnings as a lumberjack only serve to highlight the power and greatness that he has now achieved.
  • Shi Lin

    Shi Lin

    A Syang apprentice healer with a secret history and the talent to persevere through severe disfigurement.