A manipulative ex-temple whore, Klem is on a quest for power and respect in the cold lands of the north, and she'll use every trick she can turn to get it.


Fast, smart and stunningly beautiful with wits to match, Klem is a force to be reckoned with. She is neither physically strong nor hardy, but she makes up for it with an arsenal of deadly poisons capable of taking down a giant in a single hit. She is usually armed only with a blow-dart gun, poisons, a dagger and a slinky, cleavage-baring dress.


Kletemnestra escaped from the overly religious lands to the south bent on creating her own destiny. She is in search of power, at any cost. She manipulates men with her looks and if those don’t work, with her poisons as well. She has a pet Asp named Roger who is always coiled somewhere on her body, and her latest challenge has been to hatch and master a baby Stoorwyrm, a feat never before attempted by any man. She is conniving and ultimately evil, willing to subvert others to her will using absolutely any means necessary.

She has a horse named Antigone that she gained using the power between her legs. Antigone, a large black stallion, has recently been given wings by a benevolent Ungold. Klem is already thinking of ways to take advantage of the power of flight, probably by scaring townspeople into submission. She is an evil bitch.

3/6/11 : Fate has finally caught up with Kletemnestra. She cashed in her favor with Nedhogg forcing him to build her a hatchery for the stoorwyrm, somewhere outside of Hjalheim. He obediently completed that task, building her a strong, windowless cabin. In the night, she used Antigone to transfer the egg to the hatchery, and saturated the interior with heat and misty poison, which she had spent the last few weeks inoculated herself against. The stoorwyrm hatched a few days later, and she named the massive, limbless dragon Nero. But all was not well; Olk had long suspected that Klem was hiding something, and was keeping tabs on her in secret, and Astrid and Ecthelion were checking up on her regularly as well, thinking that she was in danger alone in the woods. She lied and persuaded to escape their grasp, but she soon realized that she would not be able to raise Nero without help. The next morning, on her way back to Hjalheim for sheep, she ran into Ecthelion and gained his assistance, asking him to procure food for Nero and herself, and to find Ulk for her. He was wary, but helpful.

Unfortunately, she was too slow. She began her return to the cabin only to find that Olk was waiting for her, and had doused her hatchery in namptha, a burning lantern in hand. He wanted to see what she was hiding, and she was happy to show him. As she walked towards him, Hoggle, Aldi, and Remidi appeared. Klem allowed only Olk into the cabin, going first to make sure that all was well. Around the same time, Ecthelion and Shi Lin appeared as well. Nero was calm and content in the cabin until Olk entered. Enraged by the strange smells entering his home, Nero dashed out of the cabin and attacked Aldi, biting through his leg and nearly killing him. At this, Kletemnestra exploded in fear for Nero, screaming, “Do not hurt him! Do not hurt my child!” She ran towards Nero to protect him, blocking Ecthelion’s sword and intercepting Shi Lin’s scroll spell, which turned her teeth into nipples. Olk, forced back by Nero’s bullrush, dropped the lantern, causing the hatchery to erupt in flames. He was soon unconscious from the combination of misty poison, acrid smoke and deadly fire.

Aldi was nearing death, but before he succumbed, he blew a great horn which alerted his lover, Nedhogg, to his danger. Nedhogg, who had stayed away previously out of dislike for Klem, immediately urged Lavender into a charge, reaching the cabin in record time. Kletemnestra had completely lost her sanity and was screaming, prone over her stoorwyrm’s body, in an effort to protect him. First, Shi Lin went to Aldi’s side in an effort to staunch the bloodflow, but it was too much for him. Ecthelion dropped his sword and cast a healing spell, saving Aldi’s life, but Aldi passed out before he was saved. Nedhogg burst into the clearing, and immediately saw Aldi, apparently dead, with Shi Lin and Ecthelion covered in his blood. He then saw the bloody-mouthed stoorwyrm and Klem’s protective form, and realized that it was he that was responsible for the apparent death of his lover, for it was he who built the hatchery where the creature was birthed. He flew into a rage, the kind of blind blood-hunt that only a Northman can achieve, and charged Klem and Nero.

Lavender’s great size allowed Klem to dodge the oncoming trample as well as the swinging blade of Frostbite, Nedhogg’s axe. In the midst of her insanity, she seemed to hear Nero urge her to escape, and together they slithered off into the woods, Klem riding upon the back of the 16-foot long stoorwyrm. Ecthelion and Remidi pursued, as did Nedhogg atop Lavender. The two caliph sprinted, while Nedhogg, still seeing the world in shades of blood, charged after the fleeing woman. Klem fired off several deadly blowdarts coated with lethal stoorwyrm poison, and just barely missed the pursuers. Neither the caliphs nor Nedhogg were able to hit the stoorwyrm and his mother, who dodged and soaked up the blows with terrifying speed and toughness. Finally, Klem shot an especially lethal dose of poison directly into Lavender’s eye, and nearly at the same time, Ecthelion swung a deadly blow into Kletemnestra herself, a strike which should have killed her. Nero, sensing the ebbing life of his mother, rose up and released a perilous cloud of deadly poisonous gas. And then, the unthinkable occurred. The ungold of fascination caused the stoorwyrm to cease his assault, and Klem, brought back from the brink of death itself, blinked open eyes that were now as black as obsidian from lid to lid. Grinning, the ungold and his new consort, as well as the deadly wyrm, faded from existence.

Nedhogg screamed out for vengeance, and Roskva answered his call, telling him that he must wait. She brought Lavender back from death, leaving her with a wicked scar crossing her eye, as a reminder of the blood-debt owed.


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