A large, quiet, gay man whose humble beginnings as a lumberjack only serve to highlight the power and greatness that he has now achieved.

Nedhogg is strong, tough and fast, but with average intelligence and little charisma. He is as prone to introspection as he is to violent passion.

Nedhogg is 6’2" with a thick, muscular build. He has brown hair and is usually bearded, and if he has not donned armor, can always be seen with a smile on his face. He is kindhearted and introspective, but is as tough as his ox, Lavender, and just as strong. He is a pawn being pulled between allegiances with brother and sister gods Hjalmar and Roskva, and stands alternately for logic and humility, and for instinctual violence and blood boiling anger in response to conflict.

He is in a semi-committed relationship with Aldi, a skillful archer under the employ of Olk. He enjoys writing poetry, especially poetry praising the wisdom and gentility of the god Hjalmar. His longest companion is his ox, Lavender, who has recently undergone quite a few changes at the hands of the goddess Roskva. Nedhogg, too, has changed because of Roskva. No longer the simpleton he was as a lumberjack, he is now a battle-hardened warrior of Roskva, meting out a violent and frosty death to all those who would threaten the safety of his loved ones.

Poems by Nedhogg (in chronological order)

All along the lonesome road
Grasses swirl in the wind
All along the blue horizon
Clouds dance upon the wind
All along the journey’s trail
We are together ’til the end.

The woods they smell of pine
The fields they cry with glee
The sky is calls to me
“Adventure, it shall be mine!”

Bees buzz and bears bite
But honey is sweet and
bears go there. (he failed his poetry roll)

Sunset falls upon lowly hills
Hjalmar’s grace falls upon our faces
The sun sets, night falls
Hjamlar’s justice falls upon the masses

Sacrifices must be made
For light to illuminate night
Hjalmar’s serenity prevails
When logic overwhelms might.

In the eyes of the merchant
I am as the insect
In the eyes of Hjalmar
All are worthy of respect.

The evil perish, the good endure,
The cruel are banished, the kind return,
The innocent, Hjalmar himself inters,
The malevolent, Hjalmar himself will burn.

Flashing eyes and shining hair
Nimble feet and shoulders bare
Twirling round the flowered lawn
Dance with the fey ones, ‘til we’re gone.

Soft gold hair and glistening skin
His nimble hands caress my thigh.
Lithe, strong arms invite me in
An embrace to last a lifetime, and
Until our twilight comes and goes
My axe lies flat forevermore.

Hjalmar, sword of logic and light
Your strength, to me is greater than might
Mere muscle and rage can not compare
To glorious, serene and logical airs.
My brother was spared his every drop
In a heart whose beat will never stop
As long as my mind and my feelings are pure,
You’ll stay by my side, an angel’s true cure.

Goddess of flame!
Grant us the gift of your shining strength!
Rain down your fiery vengeance
Upon this creature of darkness
And show us the meaning of the light that burns!

Ever did I call ‘pon wisdom’s calm.
But whence did come to cry my vengeance’ day
‘Twas Roskva who in rage she did respond
To bring a red-glazed power to my blade.
And whence came the time to cleave the stoorwyrm down
She called upon the elders, tried and true;
Their passions smote his ruin ’cross the ground.
The war-bride’s hand delivers vengeance true.
Not wisdom, kindness, words or gentle thought
Would nullify the evil whore of snakes
But fire, fury, rage with steel wrought
Dost smite the whore from which the serpent breaks.

The death throes of mine enemies
Are Roskva’s holy oaths,
Their pleading screams
Her sacred adulations.

I write no more.


Into the arms of destiny JessicaBlomstrom