Shi Lin

A Syang apprentice healer with a secret history and the talent to persevere through severe disfigurement.

  • A curse scroll that changes limbs into balls.
  • A dark ceremonial knife.
  • A scroll of summoning.
  • Some gold.
  • An indestructible metal head.
  • A magnificent unibrow.
  • A marbled arm that is connected to shadow magic.
  • A good old trusty blackjack

Other than that, Shi-lin is small, weak, and often very unlucky.


Shi-lin spent many of his younger years as an apprentice to a well-known local healer. Master Pew was a knowledgable healer but violent and and quick to anger. Many of his students failed to survive their years as his student. Shi-lin grew adept at dodging his blows and hiding from the old tyrants drunken rampages. Sadly this is mostly what Shi-lin learned during this time. He remains a sub-par healer. When Shi-lin’s new brother-in-law Chen ran off on his wedding night dishonoring Shi-lin’s sister and their family he set off on an adventure to retrieve him and make him answer for his wrongs.

None of this is true.

Shi Lin

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